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  1. Core Matrix

    1. System Broadcast

      Look forward from hearing the latest with the staff of Integrability with all the bulletins about the forums, sites, all the things you need to know about our forum updates and upcoming planning stages for future content, and other media content from us to you.

    2. Support Forums

      If you have a problem with something in relation to the website, the message board, our wiki site, the gallery site, our chatroom, the dothack radio, our MMO, your account, or a certain feature among the forum; please select the proper category in this section and submit a help request.

    3. Creative Feedback

      With this utility, you may freely voice out your opinions on our setup and methods or just to comment about someone or something which makes this site possible. We welcome any comments, suggestions, or requests you may have for us and we'll read and perhaps incorporate ideas.

    4. Community Game Center

      Integrability's own private server's or online gatherings in MMO and online games. Sit down, grab a keyboard, and log in for some good old fashion game playing and team building or friendship making!

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  2. Project Frägment

    1. News

      Hear ye', hear ye'! Read all about it and get your minute by minute updates on the .hack//Frägment Project right here. Keep in the loop with all of the latest and greatest innovations straight from the frontlines as we explore new and exciting territories!

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    2. Support

      If you have questions about .hack//Frägment, or are just a new player and are not sure where to turn for answers look no further! You can submit all support requests regarding the .hack//Frägment Project right here.

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    3. Development

      Here you will find the latest updates on all of the technical aspects of the .hack//Frägment Project. From current builds, to project documentation, and ground breaking technical feats you can find it all right here!

    4. Feedback

      We are looking for your opinions! Tell us what you think about the .hack//Frägment Project, and let us know how we are doing. Your feedback is always appreciated and will always be considered as we move forward into the future.

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    5. Tutorials

      If you are new to .hack//Frägment or just haven't played the game before and want to know how, look no further, you've come to the right place. We have a myriad of tutorials geared up for all types of players that detail everything you would ever want to know about .hack//Frägment.

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    6. Discussion

      As a community of .hack//Frägment enthusiasts, and not just simply a project, we think it's important to discuss everything related to the game. As much as playing it is fun, socializing about it is just as important. That being said feel free in this area to talk about anything and everything related to .hack//Frägment!

  3. The World R:2

    1. The World

      Welcome to the World. Login with your character here and partake in an adventure through magic and steel. Join your friends and engage in quests and discover what the world has to offer.

    2. Mail Station

      While in character you may want to share your experiences in emailing each other. Here your character can send private messages to other players in a way that everyone can understand as the plot advances.

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    3. News Capture

      Read the latest world news headlines straight from the News Capture reporting services. Anything and everything from politics, science, tech, medicine, travel, and national news that is going on in the real world can be read here.

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    4. Community Forum

      Chat with your fellow players from The World and discuss that latest world news and in-game news. Looking to find information about a rare item or how to complete a quest or event this is the place to share that information. Or if you rather read up on the latest rumors players are complimenting on.

    5. Crimson VS

      Engage in a card game against your fellow players of The World in this trading card game challenge. Crimson VS lets you share, trade, collect various common and rare trading cards and being able to put your strategy of those cards to win against your opponent.

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  4. Areas of Interests

    1. Rational Thought (Serious)

      A general discussion forum to hold threads of important discussion, no games or discussion of other criteria that exists as another forum section please.

    2. Meaningless Aspirations (Spam)

      Just about your run of the mill location for discussion to serve anything and nothing. For any discussion you may have that does not quite fit in any section or a discussion that may not hold meaning at all, should of course be hosted here. Only the useful or interesting of the meaningless won

    3. Statistically Speaking (Polls)

      A forum section for you to hold heated debates in the form of a poll question!

    4. Artistic Devotion (Fanart)

      A haven for all your art dwelling needs; from the visual arts to the performing arts and the art of war. We encourage you to share your masterpieces however shape or form you''ve built them. Drawings, digital works, videogames, audio musics, filming, and fictional written works to name a few.

    5. Fictional Play (Roleplaying)

      If you have a good story in which you like to turn into your very own ran and operated role-play, then surely this is the place for you to express those thoughts into a live establishment for other members to participate in.

    6. Japanimation (Anime)

      Where else to discuss the ever popular anime and manga titles straight from Japan and the localized versions from your current region. We welcome all knowledge and fandom discussion.

    7. Gaming Generation (Games)

      It's a gaming generation so obviously bring on and share your thoughts, discussion on the gaming community and culture. Please double check to make sure a topic hasn't been already started on a game you wish to discuss about first. We allow a wide range from consoles, PC, portables, arcades, MMO's, traditional board games, dice games, card games, and more.

    8. Multimedia Life (Music/TV)

      Bring in your devotion to music, your movie experiences, discussion on various televised series, anything media related right here for all of us to recapture. Music artists to bands, from television series in the B&W age to modern reality television, all the way out to the things we watch at the big screen is welcomed.

    9. Digital Feed (Computers)

      Get your dose in the language of computers and tech talk. Support for hardware and software from our people are encouraged. From your basic program questions or troubles, to putting together a PC for the first time, towards questions on what brands are recommended for purchase.

    10. .hack

      Everything you need to know about dothack. This section you may discuss .hack in general and the developers behind the series or the series as a whole