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      What is Integrability?   05/28/2016

      Hello viewer! Welcome to Integrability, first and foremost a role-playing community through play-by-posting. This role-play site is based on the anime and videogame franchise called .hack (pronounced "dot hack"). This community took place from February 2004 to just after 2014, having a lifespan of 10 years in the making and having numerous golden ages of fan role-plays. Integrability was known for starting as a role-play based on .hack//SIGN and .hack//Infection's "The World 1" era. Later it evolved into .hack//Roots and .hack//GU's "The World R:2" era. What made this role-play most notably different was the inclusion of it's in-character face-claim avatar creator that was designed and themed to fit the outfit's of the characters in the anime and videogame series. The attributed down-fall of this community could be led to the downsize of the site's staff team, the lack of new original content of the franchise being released to the English community, and countless revisions and changes made to the site's overarching role-play plot. Where will Integrability go from there? Soon, this site will restructure it's front end to return to it's roots and begin the role-play anew. Being immersive and depth in the .hack lore and The World R:2's game style. While all the countless posts of the yester-year will be archived somewhere here on this site. This site also duo supported the role-play but also discussion and focus on the .hack animes and videogames, with the creation of our sister site Dothack Network, this site Integrability will withdraw and discontinue the general discussions towards the anime and games and keep them specifically on Dothack Network instead.


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