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  1. Core Matrix

    System Broadcast

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    Look forward from hearing the latest with the staff of Integrability with all the bulletins about the forums, sites, all the things you need to know about our forum updates and upcoming planning stages for future content, and other media content from us to you.

    Support Forums

    960 posts

    If you have a problem with something in relation to the website, the message board, our wiki site, the gallery site, our chatroom, the dothack radio, our MMO, your account, or a certain feature among the forum; please select the proper category in this section and submit a help request.

    Creative Feedback

    2,093 posts

    With this utility, you may freely voice out your opinions on our setup and methods or just to comment about someone or something which makes this site possible. We welcome any comments, suggestions, or requests you may have for us and we'll read and perhaps incorporate ideas.

    Integrability's own private server's or online gatherings in MMO and online games. Sit down, grab a keyboard, and log in for some good old fashion game playing and team building or friendship making!

  2. The World RP

    An Ambient Melody

    2,486 posts

    Welcome to our sanctuary where we all live and grow. The World is a game of many gamers such as yourself who can engage in countless events and means of fun. By entering these hallow grounds, you are no longer in the real world but a world on the net played by your avatar.


    As a gamer, you are given this opportunity to share and discuss amongst gamers across the world in your adventures or to discuss trade as well as planning out upcoming quests.


    20 posts

    Sanctioned guilds by the administration, here you may view what guilds are currently approved in The World and even apply to the guilds posted here.

    Flash Mailer

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    This is your in-game private messenger style emailer to discuss messages between fellow players from your flash mail list.

    Advancement Area

    612 posts

    Welcome to "The World", the place where your wildest dreams of adventure and action come true. While this is still apart of the same game, things are much different here, "The World" lies open at your feet, this is your story. Strength and glory await you here!


    There is a game in which you and we all play, attached with an online forum where these gamers post, this is the fictional real life world city in which everything takes place from gaming to message board posting. Hagarashi the forgotten city of tomorrow is a city bustling with magic and excitement.

  3. The World R:2

    The World

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    Welcome to the World. Login with your character here and partake in an adventure through magic and steel. Join your friends and engage in quests and discover what the world has to offer.


    Mail Station

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    While in character you may want to share your experiences in emailing each other. Here your character can send private messages to other players in a way that everyone can understand as the plot advances.

    News Capture

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    Read the latest world news headlines straight from the News Capture reporting services. Anything and everything from politics, science, tech, medicine, travel, and national news that is going on in the real world can be read here.


    Community Forum

    356 posts

    Chat with your fellow players from The World and discuss that latest world news and in-game news. Looking to find information about a rare item or how to complete a quest or event this is the place to share that information. Or if you rather read up on the latest rumors players are complimenting on.


  4. Areas of Interests

    A general discussion forum to hold threads of important discussion, no games or discussion of other criteria that exists as another forum section please.

    Just about your run of the mill location for discussion to serve anything and nothing. For any discussion you may have that does not quite fit in any section or a discussion that may not hold meaning at all, should of course be hosted here. Only the useful or interesting of the meaningless won

    A forum section for you to hold heated debates in the form of a poll question!

    A haven for all your art dwelling needs; from the visual arts to the performing arts and the art of war. We encourage you to share your masterpieces however shape or form you''ve built them. Drawings, digital works, videogames, audio musics, filming, and fictional written works to name a few.

    If you have a good story in which you like to turn into your very own ran and operated role-play, then surely this is the place for you to express those thoughts into a live establishment for other members to participate in.

    This section is for not the faint of heart, warning to all children and parents! You might find acts, discussion, or content that will not be suitable for children. Our posters have been given our consent that they may share such acts or discussion limited to this place and this place only. To obtain the password for this section, request one on the chatroom or by PM'ing Edan.

    No posts to show

    Japanimation (Anime)

    1,549 posts

    Where else to discuss the ever popular anime and manga titles straight from Japan and the localized versions from your current region. We welcome all knowledge and fandom discussion.

    It's a gaming generation so obviously bring on and share your thoughts, discussion on the gaming community and culture. Please double check to make sure a topic hasn't been already started on a game you wish to discuss about first. We allow a wide range from consoles, PC, portables, arcades, MMO's, traditional board games, dice games, card games, and more.

    Bring in your devotion to music, your movie experiences, discussion on various televised series, anything media related right here for all of us to recapture. Music artists to bands, from television series in the B&W age to modern reality television, all the way out to the things we watch at the big screen is welcomed.

    You are free to make use of this section for real life offers and exchanges of goods and services based on the set agreements of your topics. All exchanges however are permitted through the use of PayPal to ensure confidentiality and security. But do note we here do not take liabilities or responsibility for transactions or a posters services.

    Get your dose in the language of computers and tech talk. Support for hardware and software from our people are encouraged. From your basic program questions or troubles, to putting together a PC for the first time, towards questions on what brands are recommended for purchase.

  5. .hack

    A series that predates everything during the times before The World as we know it. This series revolves around a young player who offline is Lara Hoerwick, the niece of Harold Hoerwick.

    AI Busters

    15 posts

    A novel series loosely based throughout the earlier generation of The World. Spanning from pre-SIGN and the events up to pre-LOTT.


    124 posts

    The series that follows the protagonist Tsukasa who became stuck in The World and discovers the hidden truth to the game before escaping.


    17 posts

    The whereabouts of Sora now absorbed into Skeith and their search for Aura while being confronted by a character known as Carl.

    Another Birth

    15 posts

    Before Blackrose immersed herself in The World, she had a life without worries or troubles which were soon taken away when her brother became comatose in the game.


    326 posts

    The original 4 part PS2 game (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarnatine) in which you the gamer played as Kite a young boy who first logged into The World and found himself in a nightmare where everyone he knew became trapped or hurt because of this game.


    89 posts

    As a community of .hack//fragment enthusiasts, and not just simply a project, we think it's important to discuss everything related to the game. As much as playing it is fun, socializing about it is just as important. That being said feel free in this area to talk about anything and everything related to .hack//FrÃfragment!


    2 posts

    In the offline realm of dothack, we begin to witness and see the damages done to the real world caused by the events taking place in online world of The World. A group of girls along with a key developer of the game work together to assist those in The World in ending the network crisis once in for all.

    The first series to come in both manga and animation form. Here we discover two versions of a story of Shugo and Rena siblings who won the avatars of the legendary dothackers and to in one scenario save Rena and another Zefie from being brought into another network crisis.


    22 posts

    Many years later, this being the precursor of GU. We witness the first days of Haseo and his ascension to power which would serve the basis and focus leading into GU.

    Guest Orgias


    872 posts

    GU being told in three different versions of both a video game, a novel, and a graphic novel; we bear witness to the mystery of AIDA and the missing Ovan as well as another imminent network crisis.


    300 posts

    The final story of a new protagonist known as Tokio who gathers the help of all the Key of Twilight and takes their powers to a new level against the latest threat to The World.


    28 posts

    A mini series of 3 adventurers in The World RX who run into an illegal cat like player and the story therein.

    The Movie

    11 posts

    Be sure to talk about the latest CGI addition to the dothack franchise here. Following the events of 3 familiar characters in the future world of The World!

    Guilty Dragon

    123 posts

    The mobile dothack smartphone video game featuring social interactivity, trading cards, and adventure.

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    • Gaming Mods: Whats your favorite?
      So, about 3-4 months ago I finished my first gaming PC rig, parted it out and built it myself.  With a pretty good graphics card in it, I started getting my hands on some good PC games and some PC ports of games that I love; Skyrim, Diablo II, Diablo III, Fallout 3, Witcher, Witcher 2, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 1-3.  As I started installing everything and looking around for stuff, I came across something that I've never seen before, game mods.  Ton's new of quests, characters, items, weapons, bug fixes, resolution packs, all kinds of awesome stuff.  For the most part, I've been using a lot of high resolution packs, it looks really good on my tv and has made my gaming experiences even more fun.  Once I get through some of the games, I'm going to try some of the really big overhauls, like Frostfall for Skyrim and some of the remade worlds that you can get in Diablo II and try them out.  So, modder's out there, what are your favorite kinds of mods and how to you like to use them?
    • The Singularity/Paradox Wars
      In the last half of the 21rst century, a tipping point of technology was reached.  At one time, this technology was only available to the elite, the rich and powerful, the politicians and dictators, but with all technology that changes the world, it was adapted and soon became commonplace with even the poorest members of all society.  It started out innocently enough, augmentations to help the blind, the deaf and the dumb.  Then it was used for amputee's and veterans and then later restoring motor functions to those who had been paralyzed.  Then more difficult diseases were targeted and those with seizures, diabetes, all manner of chronic illness and disease were targeted and "cures" were created.  Eventually, even more advances were made, until computer chips began being put into the human brain, augmenting intelligence and recollection immensely.  This necessitated even more change, as the biological portions of the human body quickly became too slow to keep up with the increased processing power that came through technological augmentation.  The singularity was almost upon mankind and many believed that humanity had reached the peak of its natural evolution and needed technology to continue evolving.    However, a group rose up in opposition to the increasing speed with which the singularity were approaching.  Far from being Luddites and fearing technology, instead they believed that mankind had a wealth of untapped natural ability, that our genome's still contained an incredible wealth of secrets.  In their view, the technological singularity was not an even that was to propel mankind's evolution, but would instead bring it to a crashing halt.  There proposition was just as simple as those on the singularity side, rather than using technology, they wanted to use gene therapy and genetic manipulation to unlock the latent potential of mankind and allow humanity to create its own, truly human future.  The results bore fruit quickly, the first test subjects saw a tremendous increase in strength, speed, agility, healing, resilience to wounds and disease.  Eventually they managed to even unlock the potential of the human brain, while it was a myth that human's only use ten percent of their brain, by unlocking more neuro pathways, they have increased brain power, reaction speed and processing power, ultimately rivaling that of those who had been cyberneticly enhanced.   Problems soon arose, funding for the two competing paths was limited and soon fanatics on either side arose. "The Singularity" pushed hard for continued advancement of technology, hoping to push mankind past the tipping point and ushering in the technological singularity.  The other side stands "The Human Paradox", pushing equally as hard for continued growth in genetic testing and development, demanding to see what the true potential of mankind is.  This had led to outbreaks of violence across the globe, as the two fanatical sides vie for power, with the fate of mankind truly hanging in the balance.   "The Singularity" draws its strength from the versatility of the cybernetic parts.  While an entire body cannot yet be made, several limbs and eyes can be easily installed into any human base, allowing for the quick swapping of parts and weapons to adapt to literally any situation and fight under any conditions.  The drawback to their full and total reliance of technology is that if their tech is damaged or rendered inoperable, they become largely helpless.   Those of the side of "The Human Paradox" have greater strength, speed, agility, dexterity and heightened senses as compared to their technologically outfitted opponents.  They have increased their muscle capacity and bone density to the point where they can smash steel with their bare hands.  The downside is that, despite enhanced healing abilities, they are still human and some wounds just won't heal; such as damage to internal organs, damage to the eyes, and limbs will not grow back.  Even more than that, while broken bones will heal quickly, it isn't as simple as swapping out and putting in a new part like members of "The Singularity" enjoy.   Time to choose a side.  Will you side with "The Singularity"  or "The Human Paradox".  Choose wisely for your choice may shape the ultimate destiny of the world.   Name:
      Age: Faction:
      Bio:  Unique Tech or Special Gene Enhanced ability:
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition
      Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II are two of my favorite games.  They are wonderfully done medieval-esque RPGs that require a good deal of micromanaging your team, thought placed into how their stats are evolved and what skills they get to even their locations on the battlefield, with tactical view from the earlier games being an amazing asset.  This will be the third story arc, with a brand new protaganist, The Inquisitor, with the basic story being "saving the world from itself", though recent trailers seem to make an indication that one of the old gods from the stories mythology will appear, along with a greater emphasis on the enigmatic "Flemeth" and her daughter Morrigan, the origins of the Darkspawn and the potential return of The Warden and Hawke to join you in combat.  It seems like it is going to be a phenomenal game so far, with rumors being that a single map in this game is larger than the entire world of the first game in the series.  Over the years, I have gotten away from pre-ordering games because I don't think there is value in saying "I'm giving you my money before I see a finished product" but I'm finding it very difficult to stay away from pre-ordering this one. I've even restarted my game on Origins, and then I'm going to play 2, on PC so that I can get the new one on PC when it comes out.
      So, any Dragon Age fans here?
    • Youtube Channels
      There is currently only one video that I made for an AMV contest that this site held a long, long, long time ago.  I got second place with that video and I put it together in like 30 minutes.   After getting a pretty decent PC set up, I've actually been thinking about starting a game review show called "Gaming by the numbers"  where rather than give a score out of a number, I discuss the price points of various games in regards to their quality and either recommend the game at its current price and if not, what price point I would consider the game worth purchasing.  But, as lazy as I am, I'll probably never actually get around to it.
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